Confessions of a Pregnant Woman: Real Mom’s Spill the beans


Pregnancy isn’t all flowing white dresses, flower crowns and lush daisy meadows. No matter how we try to ignore it, the fact still remains, pregnancy can be quite unglamorous. I reached out to a couple moms in my circle and was able to gather the following stories:


  1. When I was pregnant I would get super scared whenever my husband left the house. It was during a socially tumultuous time in America, it felt like open season on black people and I feared the worst for my black husband. My anxiety got so bad I had to deactivate my Facebook until after baby arrived. – Marie C. 

  1. One evening I was on the NYC Subway on my way home, a Mariachi band came into my subway car and performed the most beautiful ballad. I was so moved I rummaged through my purse to find a dollar to drop in their money bucket. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any cash. I burst into tears.  I knew then that I was pregnant. – Sarah M.

  1. Throughout the course of my pregnancy I learned who my real friends were. My circle dwindled in size and increased in strength. I still don’t understand it, but there was just something in my gut that I used to guide me. My eyes were somewhat unveiled and I saw through the facades of people who were just tagging along for the ride.  I ended relationships with many people who didn’t belong in my life. Vanassa T.


  1. Sometime during my 2nd trimester,1 day I found my baby wasn’t kicking. I was so worried I called my husband on the phone at work and cried with worry. He left work early to try and calm me down. I wanted to go to the hospital to check, but he said just wait and see. My baby wasn’t even kicking when I got hungry, which he would normally do. My husband sat me down, then took out the bible and just opened it, and read the passage on that page. It was the story about the son that was lost and then found. After he finished the story, I felt the baby kicked and was overjoyed with tears. It had been 6+ hours since I’d felt him move. Whatever the reason was, I was thankful. – Victoire L.

  1. One of my favorite things to do when I’m home alone is order a whole pizza for myself, propping it  right on my belly then pigging out. – Janice W.  
  2. I’m currently pregnant with my third child. I sort of hoped for a girl since my house is starting to feel like a frat house with 3 boys and my husband. This fall I’ll be welcoming another boy. I love my baby but of course I was a little disappointed. The most annoying part is having to hear people make slick comments like ” I guess you’ll have to try again.”

  1. When I was pregnant with my second child I was an emotional wreck! I cried nonstop. Daddy was abroad for much of my pregnancy and I just couldn’t keep it together. I just couldn’t figure out why I was crying. It continued even after I gave birth and brought home my darling girl. The waterworks continued until one day in the midst of my crying I said a prayer, and instantly it was over it! – Rose J.

  1. I’m in my 5th month and so far it’s been great, no morning sickness, not much weight gain. One major change is a rapid jump in my libido. In the first couple weeks I was always aroused but refrained from rough housing with the hubby because I was scared of hurting the baby, yes I was so paranoid. Like we could poke an eye out or something.  After my doctor quelled my fears, I wanted sex every day, multiple times a day. Hubby could barely keep up. It feels like in the past 5 months we’ve had more sex than we’ve had over our entire relationship.  Sheryl H.