Pitter Packer Pre-Packed Labor Bag


Includes Pitter Packer Diaper Bag
Dove Body Wash
Dove Deodorant
Shaving Gel
Shaver x 1
Shower Cap x1
Jergens Lotion
Clean and Clear Face cleanser
Burt Bees Lip Moisturizer
Hand Sanitizer
Hair Brush
Hair Ties x 3
Colgate Toothbrush and toothpaste
Dental Floss
Spa Slipper
1pair Plush Socks
Tylenol (1 pack of 2 tabs)
2 packs Facial Tissue
1 Nail File
Nursing Pads
Lanolin Breast Cream
Reparation H Hemorrhoidal Wipes x 3

*Robe not included

All products are handmade and typically ship within 1- 2 weeks. For expedited shipping please email us your request.


3 reviews for Pitter Packer Pre-Packed Labor Bag

  1. I bought the fully packed hospital bag for my daughter in law who is pregnant with my first grandchild. She loved it! The bag is actually a diaper bag with a changing pad. Pleasant surprise!

  2. I bought this as a gift for a friend who was 34 weeks pregnant and had been put on bed rest before she had even started to pack her bag. I ordered online and it was packed and shipped to new jersey in 6 days. It was such a godsend! Friend was very relieved and impressed.

  3. I found Pitter Packer on Instagram, I am always skeptical of buying online but. After speaking with the owner I was so excited I ordered my bag the next day. It came with everything I needed plus a few extras not listed on the website like these delicious preggie pops and a baby on board sticker. I would have loved to have a few things included for dad as well. The service was so personable. Shipping was prompt. I haven’t used my bag as yet since I’m only 30 weeks but I’m so excited! Thank you!

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