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As your due date draws near and you prepare for your bundle (or bundles) of joy, one important must-have is your hospital bag. This bag usually has everything you will need for your stay in the maternity ward. You will want to have this ready by week 36. Use this guide to help you pack the ultimate Labor Bag.

Please have on hand your admission forms,birth plan,insurance card and ID. You will need these upon arrival to the hospital or birthing center.

Labor Essentials:
During labor you may want to listen to soothing music so a portable bluetooth speaker is a good idea. During contraction crossword puzzles and other forms of distraction may help. During labor you will not be allowed to eat much but small hard candies and clear fluids are often permitted. Aromatherapy oils will help you find your happy place and massage oils go a long way with acupressure pain management during contractions.

Postpartum Personal Care:

Sanitary Napkins,Chapstick,nursing pads, lanolin nipple cream

You will need a nursing bra, non-slip socks or slippers,dark colored robe and a going home outfit.
Hair Care: 3 hair ties, comb, brush, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap

Deodorant,Face wash, body wash,lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, washcloth, shaver, shave gel

For Baby:

The hospital will provide most things for baby. You will only need a going home outfit for baby. Babies can be born with razor sharp nails, they have no control over the movement of their hands and can scratch themselves. We recommend you pack a pair of mittens to cover those adorable little fingers.

Additional Items:

Car seat, Phone Charger,Camera, cash, gift for sibling